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Lexsys Technologies Inc. presented the Electronic Government Suite features to the responsible users of each department. Presentation was held at the Provincial Government of Isabela, March 29-31, 2016. Features, process flow and capabilities of the system was also discussed during the presentation and at the same time, users also interact with the presentor, asking question and addressed their concerns. In photo: Glaiza Morato - Junior Programmer of Lexsys Technologies Inc. demonstrating the New Government Accounting System to the Accounting Department of the province. Included in her presentation is the new Unified Accounts Code Structure that is already updated on the said system.


eGaps Modules

      ■Real Property Assesment

      ■ Real Property Tax Management

      ■ Business Permit and License

      ■ Engineering Assesment and Permit
      ■ Point of Payment

      ■ Cash Collection / Disbursement

      ■ Budget Management

      ■ New Government Accounting
      ■ Personnel Management and Information

      ■ Attendance and Leave Monitoring

      ■ Government Payroll

      ■ Supplies & Assets Management

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