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Point of Payment System __________________________________________________________________

The Point of Payment System allows the cashiers to perform payment transactions for Business License, Real Property tax, Community Tax, Burial Fee and Miscellaneous Taxes and fess and print official receipts (using the original government prescribe for) at their workstations. It automatically generates reconcilement reports for the end of day balancing.

Generates Daily Collection Report by OR Number, Abstract of Collection by collecting Officer, Daily Collection Reports by Cashier, List of Check and Cash Collectors, List Checks and Warrants. Automatic generation of baranggay share summary (Real Property Tax Collection). Links to Accounting System for Financial.


CASH COLLECTION SYSTEM __________________________________________________________________

The CCS allows the cashiers to perform payment transaction and print official receipts (using the original goevernament prescribe form) at their worstation. It automatically generates reconcilement reports for the end of day balancing. The CCS captures maintains up-to-date records of all collection transactions, receiving and issuance of accountable forms and generate due while s all required standard reports for collections.

The CCS also allows on-line quiries on payment due while printing corresponding payment notices. The system automatically display what has been billed and only input the payment mode-check, cash and bank and check no. and will accept special payment mode.

CASH DISBURSEMENT SYSTEM __________________________________________________________________

The CDS accounts for all expenditures of the local government and monitors them to ensure that they do not exceed budget allocations.  The CDS handles transactions involving expenditures, disbursements and liquidation.  It provides both detailed and summary reports on all these transactions. CDS also provides reconciliation reports on variances between outstanding disbursements versus liquidation.



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