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Budget Monitoring System


The Budget Preparation Monitoring System takes over the manual task of combining the budgets of all units by maintaining the approved budget of all units in a database and separately consilidating all these individual budgets automatically. The BPMS generates expenses-monitoring reports as well as variance analysis reports to highlight discrepancies between actual and budgeted expenditures.

Reports generated by the system are Program Appropriations by Obejct of Expenditures, Supplemental Budget, Available Funds for Realignment, Finacial Plan and Request for Allotment, Obligation Request Form, Advice of Allotment, Obligation Request Form, Registries, Summary of Appropiriations Allotment and Obligations. Statement of Fund Operation, Statement of Long Term obligation and Indebtedness.

New Goverment Accounting System _________________________________________________________________

The Accounting System is a computer-based system NGAS compliant capable of recording and posting different accounts automatically to their respective subsidary and general ledgers. It maintains record of obligations, obligated disbursement vouchers, journal vouchers, reports of collection and deposits. provide data entry and preparation of journal Entry Voucher to be posted to different Journal Books. It has an inquiry module on allotment, obligations and account balances of all type of funds. Recapitulation of each subsidary and general ledger accounts can be viewed and scan through the system.


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