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Real Property Assessment System __________________________________________________________________

Real Property Assessment System will cover the database of market value and assessment of real property at Assessor’s office. Generates and process reports and certifications based on records of Real Property System’s database. Automates preparation and printing of Tax Declaration form of new Real Property Unit and other pertinent forms required by Assessor’s office and other concerned office. It is linked with Real Property Tax Management System and Geographic Information System.

It prevent duplication of TD numbers of RPUs, to have a storage of digital records of all real property units information, to easily search certain real property unit by owner’s name, TD No., PIN, Lot Number, etc., to manipulate digital records to come-up with reports that will help the management for fast decision making and to easily adopt a new reporting format for future requirements of BLGF, COA or other concerned national agencies or offices.

Real Property Tax Management System __________________________________________________________________

The system automates tax computation and billing of assessment of RPUs of the Treasurer’s office, Land Tax Division. Linked with Assessor’s office Real Property Assessment System, updated Assessed Value will be reflected to LandTax system to affect the new taxes without going to Assessor’s office. It also captures all payments accepted by the cashier using also the computerized payment system.

This system will organize recording of payments history of particular RPU despite changes in the property unit valuation and ownership. Duplication of payments to the same property unit will be avoided. The most important benefits of this system will be the efficiency rate of collections and reporting requirements of BLGF, COA and other concerned offices.


Business Permit & License System __________________________________________________________________

The BPLS maintains all the records of the LGU’s business licenses and permits of business establishments. The system automatically computes associated license taxes & fees, maintains a subsidiary ledger for each business establishment and generates statistical, listing and summary reports needed by the LGU. Further, provides monitoring of the conduct of operation of businesses in the LGU government and generating reports thereafter. The system also handles the Occupational Permit and Contractor's Tax.

The system is linked to Financial Management System and is capable of linkage to Geographic Information System (GIS).



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