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Engineering Assessment and Permit System __________________________________________________________________

The primary objective of the system is to make the application and issuance of "permits" for building, mechanical, electrical, sanitary, plumbing, occupancy and other "certificates", administer by the Engineering Department, more convinient for the applicant taxpayer and less work for the LGU. The system is linked to the Real Property Administration System through Building Permit No. The system is also linked to Point of Payment System wherein payments are accepted and a
computerized official receipts is generated. Payments made are also automatically posted. The system will capture database of the Application of Permit, checklist of requiremets for the application of permit, schedule of fees based on the National Building Code and monitoring of status of Compliance.

The system function consists of the automated assessment of permit and engineering fees, automated printing of tax order of payment, automated posting of payments and automated printing of permit.


Market Administration System __________________________________________________________________

The system maintains the latest records of stallholders and their payment histories on file. It automatically calculates monthly stall fees, slaughterhouse fees, water, and electrical fees and generates the monthly billing statement respectively.

Payments are automatically posted. The system also monitors and controls the collection of fees from ambulant vendors. The system has its own Point of Payment application that captures the payment of stallholders and automatically posted to its subsidiary ledger.



Tricycle Operation and Management System __________________________________________________________________

The system maintains the latest records of tricycle owners and their payment histories of file. It automatically calculates yearly franchise fees. Payments are
automatically posted to each ledger of trycycle owners. The system determines out of line operator.

Reports generated by the system are the list of new franchise, list of non-renewing franchise, list of renewable franchise, list of cancelled franchise, list of tricycle with service permit, list of out-of-line tricycle permit, tricycle profile, violation listing, list of unregistered tricycle, list of transferred, franchise, list of franchise with change of unit, list of expired permit of service,
list of expired out of line permit, association membership, list of active franchise with old tricycle unit, master list of tricycle operator and driver,
daily/mothly collection report, summary of collection by taxes and fees type.



eGaps Modules

      ■Real Property Assesment

      ■ Real Property Tax Management

      ■ Business Permit and License

      ■ Engineering Assesment and Permit
      ■ Point of Payment

      ■ Cash Collection / Disbursement

      ■ Budget Management

      ■ New Government Accounting
      ■ Personnel Management and Information

      ■ Attendance and Leave Monitoring

      ■ Government Payroll

      ■ Supplies & Assets Management

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