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Unstoppable Batangas City

The City Government of Batangas continues to make their mission and vision into reality. Now that they started working with Lexsys Technologies Inc. by implementing the Integrated Revenue Generation Upgrade this year 2014. This City can expect increase in revenues and accurate reporting requirements to BLGF, COA and other concerned offices. The linkages between the different offices in the city hall has been established to avoid and prevent duplication of Tax Declaration Numbers and other pertinent record which will give recognition to their transparent, firm and fair leadership. Despite of some questions against the increase in the real property tax assessment stated at Ordinance No. 20 series 2013 that was signed last December 2013 by Mayor Eduardo Dimacuha, the upgrading of the computerized system of the Real Property Assessment System (RPAS) and Real Property Tax Management System (RPTMAS) is not hindered. Computerized payments for RPT, Community Tax (Cedula), Business License and other miscellaneous fees are also available to the public by using the Point of Payment System (POPS). The Treasury office is also using the Cash Collection System (CCS) to provide adequate reports in regards with up-to-date records of all collection transactions, receiving and issuance of accountable forms. The Cash Disbursement System (CDS) is also installed to handle transactions involving expenditures, disbursements and liquidation of the city. While the BPLO work with the Business Permit and License System (BPLS) in providing automatic computing of associated license taxes and fees. The project implementation is truly unstoppable because of the unswerving support of the City Official and full cooperation of its city employees.


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