Purchase of Computer Hardware with Corresponding Software,  Local Area Network & Peripherals for the Computerization of City Assessor, Treasurer (Land Tax, License and Cash Divisions) Business Permit &   License, and  Human Resource Management Offices.

  1. Real Property Tax Assessment System
  2. Real Property Tax Billing System
  3. Business Permit & License System
  4. Point of Payment – Cashiering
  5. Personnel Management Information System
  6. Government Payroll System
  7. Business Permit & License System
  8. Point of Payment System (Cashiering – Business, Miscellaneous, Land tax )            
  9. Cash Collection System
  10. Executive Information System
  11. -Integrated Financial Management Information System
  12. Online Billing and Payment of Real Property Tax System
  13. Engineering Permit Application Submission System
  14. Web-based Residence Certificate System
  15. Integrated Hospital management and Information System

Contact Person(s):

HON. REXLON GATCHALIAN                                Randy Sison
City Mayor                                                                Information Technology Head
                                                                                (02) 2773929

MS. JOSEFINA ACURANTES                                   
Computerization Project Coordinator
City Planning Office,                                                     
Tel. No. : (02) 2920211, 2934592