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To address the I.T. needs of the Local Government Unit, LEXSYS Technologies, Inc. has created the most comprehensive Local Government Information System in the market today – the Electronic Government Application System.

The e-GAPS is a set of information technology solutions that facilitates the flow of information in all levels of a Local Government Unit’s organizational structure and can be implemented in the provincial, city, or municipal type of operational environment.

The e-GAPS are laden with the following features:

      • User-friendly, menu-driven screens with pop-up windows
      • Robust, multiple-level security to give supervisor control over who can have access to which particular part of the system
      • Real-time, on-line entry of transaction data for immediate updating of information
      • Integrated relational database management functions for searching and cross-referencing information quickly
      • Real-time online queries for quick and easy access to information
      • Back-up and recovery procedures for contingencies
      • Capable of providing an audit trail that will monitor the user’s log activities such as but not limited to user’s name, date and time, business tax record entered, modified or deleted


eGaps Modules

      ■Real Property Assesment

      ■ Real Property Tax Management

      ■ Business Permit and License

      ■ Engineering Assesment and Permit
      ■ Point of Payment

      ■ Cash Collection / Disbursement

      ■ Budget Management

      ■ New Government Accounting
      ■ Personnel Management and Information

      ■ Attendance and Leave Monitoring

      ■ Government Payroll

      ■ Supplies & Assets Management

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