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Stepping Up for Change! Transforming Engineering Permit Application in Valenzuela

The City of Valenzuela is pleased to offer Engineering Permit Application Submission System (EPASS) and improved transparency through use of the touch-screen main menu and voice recorded instructions in this Electronic Terminal (located at Bulwagang Geronimo Angeles, Valenzuela City Hall). To make transaction with the City Engineering office more efficient, convenient, and productive this terminal capture information by using virtual touch-screen keyboard for application data entry.

Automatic generation and printing of sticker code and claim stub is also one of the features of EPASS. This sticker is to be attached on the provided box where applicants placed their requirements for application. Since the submission is done through drop box, random assigning of inspector for the inspection and evaluation of papers is also applied. There will be no more preferential treatment and other doubtful practices within the office. Rest assured that (1) Health & Social Services, (2) Education, (3) Housing, (4) Trade & Industry and (5) Job Generation that consist the “5 Pillars of Good Governance” is really for a better Valenzuela.


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