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Hospital Management & Information System

The Hospital Management and Information System HMIS, is created with a unique combination of a “patient centric and at the same time medical staff centric paradigm”, which is beneficial to both recipients and the healthcare providers.

HMIS uses a network of computers to gather, process, and retrieve patient record and administrative information for all hospital activities to satisfying the functional requirement of the end users. It also solves as a guide system for the hospital authorities in making decisions for developing comprehensive healthcare programs and policies.

The HMIS incorporates an integrated computerized clinical information system for improved hospital administration and patient healthcare. It also provides an accurate electronically stored medical record of patients. A data warehouse of such records can be utilized for statistical purposes and for research.


      Online Services
      ■Real Property Assesment

      ■ Real Property Tax Billing & Management

      ■ Business Permit and License

      ■ Engineering/Building Permit

      ■ Market Administration

      ■ Tricycle Operation & Management

      ■ Miscellaneous Collection
      ■Cash Collection

      ■ Cash Management

      ■ Budget Monitoring

      ■ Government Accounting System

      ■ Point of Payment System

      ■ Personnel Management and Information

      ■ Government Payroll

      ■ Attendance & Leave Monitoring

      ■ Property Management

      ■ Procurement & Inventory

      ■ Ordinance Violation Monitoring

      ■ Local Civil Registry

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