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Why eGAPS?

To address the I.T. needs of the Local Government Unit, LEXSYS Technologies Incorporated has created the most comprehensive Local Government Information System in the market today - the Electronic Government Application System.

The e-GAPS is a set of information technology solutions that facilitates the flow of information in all levels of a Local Government Units organizational structure and can be implemented in the provincial, city, municipality, type of operational environment.

For over 10 years, e-GAPS is implemented in local governments and hospitals to streamline operations to better serve their citizens. We understand that serving the needs of the LGU's in different part of the country is our primary mission and that providing prompt, quality service is the main objective of Lexsys. We provide cost-effective and professional services. Our customerís success matters to us. We listen and work hard to deliver the solutions and services to help LGU serve their citizen seamlessly. This is the reason why e-GAPS is maintained and being acquired all over the Philippines.

From the time e-GAPS was implemented it only began with the Revenue Generating System and Legislative Management System. From Vigan of Ilocus Sur, Lapu-lapu City of Cebu and Valenzuela City and now more than 50 provinces, municipalities and cities we indeed successfully delivered and implemented the Financial Management System, Administrative Support System (Government Payroll etc.), Hospital Management System and Barangay Profiling System.

In 2014, we developed the "Engineering Permit Application Submission System" installed at Electronic Terminal in Valenzuela City which processed Engineering Assessment and Permit that aims to speed up the process of building permits and eliminate corruption in the Building Permit and Licensing Office. The new innovation was followed by the implementation of the "Online Billing and Payment of Real Property Tax System" the 1st in the Philippine online payment for Real Property in LGU. We continue to develop software applications to help leveling up LGU's services by using Information Communication Technology the key to achieve high standards in good governance, leadership, revenues and services.


eGaps Modules

      Other Systems
      ■Real Property Assesment

      ■ Real Property Tax Billing &            Management

      ■ Business Permit and License

      ■ Engineering/Building Permit

      ■ Market Administration

      ■ Tricycle Operation & Management

      ■ Miscellaneous Collection
      ■Cash Collection

      ■ Cash Management

      ■ Budget Monitoring

      ■ Government Accounting System

      ■ Point of Payment System


      ■ Personnel Management and Information

      ■ Government Payroll

      ■ Attendance & Leave Monitoring

      ■ Property Management

      ■ Procurement & Inventory

      ■ Ordinance Violation Monitoring

      ■ Local Civil Registry

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